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Our Coffee Farmer with his luwak coffee beans

Coffees.Trade is an online store selling good quality Indonesian coffee products. Our collection includes Single Origin Coffee, Green Bean Coffee, Luwak Coffee, Branded Instant Coffee, House Blend, Frappe, Coffee Scrub, Coffee Soaps, and many more. We supply directly form coffee farmers, small medium enterprises and manufacturers directly. We select our single origin coffees based on the appearance and honorship in Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).


Coffee Farmer visit with business partner from Germany

Coffee Farmer visit with business partner from Germany

Our main purpose is to help small businesses to grow internationally and helping the farmers to get their commodities sold. We are very passionate to help and work together with them. Once we had visited our farmers they always complain that their coffees are really hard to sell since they do not have internet access to promote their coffees.

We have had visited many coffee farmers personally and the complaints are always the same. The only solution for them is to sell their commodities to greedy corporate with a very low price and it really hurts their income because of the high production cost.

Coffee farmer from Ijen Crater area

Coffee farmer from Ijen Crater area

Our story began when our founder started to visit coffee farmers in the Ijen Crater area, in Banyuwangi, East Java – Indonesia. He was fascinated by the taste of the coffees served by the farmers and wondered why are the farmers still poor even though the coffee prices are fairly high in the market. Then, the farmers told all the untold stories regarding the low coffee prices bought by greedy companies from the farmers.

From their stories, our founder started to think how he can help the farmers to get fair coffee prices for the farmers. So that is why he started to build his exporting company under the name of PT Mega Glori Internasional.

Many farmers and small businesses will be helped of this online store and some of our profit will also be donated to buy fertilizers and farming equipments to help the coffee farmers produce their coffees even better.

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